Our premise is simple – that a number of factors threaten human civilisation. The most notable and immediate of these currently is abrupt climate change. A number of positive feedbacks appear to be escalating or close to escalating in the earth system with potentially catastrophic consequences in the foreseeable future for agriculture, infrastructure – and hence modern civilisation. The most obvious of these is the accelerating loss of sea ice and land snow albedo in the Arctic, which volume trends (and some experts in the field) predict is likely to result in the loss of all sea ice during the summer melting season within the next few years. There are many other negative changes happening far more abruptly to the earth system than generally predicted by mainstream climate science over the years.

As stress factors on civilisation rise the risks of losing it also increase. Climatic stress factors have contributed many times in known history to the demise of ancient civilisations – some of which persisted for thousands of years. While the modern world may be better able to absorb temporary regional shocks by moving commodities and resources around it is also highly interconnected and dependent on those connections. The loss of them would in itself have a serious effect upon the carrying capacity of significant regions in the world. We envisage that civilisation breakdown would proceed as a growing trend of social disorder, civil war and conflict – with availability of key resources – food, water, energy and employment driving these.

While civilisation has emerged multiple times within the last ten thousand years it should be noted that we enjoyed a period of relative climatic stability and conditions that suited civilisation during this time (the Holocene). The damage we will do to our ecosystem through climate change is likely even in the gentler scenarios to forever remove us from those conditions – short of a last minute technological miracle that can buy us more time – and the will to address the problems we should have addressed for decades now. There is no guarantee that civilisation would re-emerge if it were entirely lost.

While we would hope that some solution yet exists to assure the fate of the billions living today, we also feel a responsibility towards all those yet to come in the future of our species. Even if modern civilisation is to be lost – and most of those billions of lives with it – we believe it is possible to act in some manner that will have a positive effect upon the future. Our limited number and the rather small amount of interest in this purpose necessarily currently constrain us to small scale projects.

This is what we stand for.

Do you value civilisation?


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  1. pendantry January 29, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    … is this thing on?

    • ccgwebmaster January 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

      I think the answer is some form of yes whichever thing the question refers to – I really need to at least put the initial content up for this blog though, as obviously it says nothing useful currently. Thanks for highlighting that need.

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