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The Mysterious Meeting At the White House

11 May

Originally reported in this news article – Professor Carlos Duarte (a prestigious polar ice scientist who is on record saying that we are already at a point of dangerous climate change and must act) visited the White House for a meeting with a collection of various “important people”.


Cue a little flurry of news articles picking up the story, followed by this single article after the meeting:


So was the meeting fiction or did it happen? I can only suggest a glance at this to help make the case:


A tweet by none other than Carlos Duarte, mentioning the meeting at the White House (with a handy photograph). So why is there now a media silence on this issue? Why was the last article written one rubbishing the idea?

I can only note the similar situation that happened with the Russian methane scientists – Igor Semiletov and Natalia Shakhova. Several years ago they were on record saying that we have an extremely concerning and dangerous situation in the Arctic. Methane emission sites had been found with a diameter of the order of 1km and they assessed that it was entirely possible we would see release of up to 50 gigatonnes of methane on decadal timescales (conservative scientist speak for “potentially rather soon”).


A scientific paper was published (look at the title and abstract at least):


Some time later (and I won’t quote every article I dug up on this, though I would note it only barely reached the media at all and it was ridiculously hard to find anything out about this) they went went on record with a rather abrupt change of tone.


You will find them saying that they don’t know if climate change was the cause of the methane release here. Given that the ESAS is subject to warmer river run off due to warming on land, and is shallow water where wind driven mixing easily transports heat to the bottom sediment (now extensively melted) – where previously sea ice would have generally covered the water all year round and now no longer does – it seems unlikely that climate change is not an important driver here. That is not to say that it is technically incorrect for them to say this – only to say that there was an abrupt change in how they expressed their findings followed by two years (and counting) of silence on what might well be one of the most important questions hanging over our existence today (a methane catastrophe is an extinction grade threat, no question about it).

So why are these questions only barely (if at all) making it into the media? Why are the scientists changing their statements abruptly?

I can only suggest there is a policy being enforced by the powers that be to suppress the truth. They don’t want to alarm the population about the immediacy and severity of the situation because they don’t have any answers. If the powers that be (corporations and governments) had answers – they would be shouting from the rooftops about it, of that I am quite sure.

The first priority of government in a crisis is to ensure continuity of government. That is not the same thing as ensuring the lives of their citizens.

If you follow the government like a good sheep, expect to be sacrificed to the wolf – the shepherd comes first.

Today we live in a world where we must be willing to break the rules and to understand we should not be bound by the dictat of those powers that have led us to this coming future.

I cast my words into a void knowing very few or none will hear them – but at least I try.