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To journey, the key is to turn the thought of a first step into a first step

30 Jan

There doesn’t seem to be many of us considering the “what if” question – “what if we fail to stop abrupt climate change?”. Discussion of the science and the implications – and the possible actions as a result appear to be something that very few people wish to engage with.

It is the same way I suppose with climate change in general. Most people don’t want to hear too much about it. Only a few people seem prepared to act about the issue. Everyone wants someone else to solve the problem and leave them alone.

We have the same problem – except far worse. I guess climate change is OK to talk about when you’re pretending it will mostly just affect far off poor people in other countries, or your grandchildren however many decades down the line. I guess it’s easier not to dwell on the implications of the ultimate consequences that climate change poses us with – regardless of whether you look at relatively tame and historically inaccurate (and very much inaccurate in terms of under-predicting the rate and severity of changes) IPCC forecasts – or the cutting edge of climate science as it chases the lessons the earth system hands out.

It doesn’t appear to remain OK once the problems appear to be likely to become very large in the lifetime of the person who one is speaking to – and when one hopes they would consider doing something about it. There is a tendency to cling (at best) to the notion that offsetting emissions, driving a little less or using energy efficient light bulbs is the extent of the contribution an individual can be expected to make.

Of course we wholeheartedly support these actions – but a step change is required. It isn’t a step change we are asking people to make for our sake.

We are asking you to consider your own future – and that of your children or grandchildren if you are old enough to have either.

Decades of warnings have been ignored, and tomorrow is turning into today. The dawn does not look like we can expect nice weather.

Over to you…